The first choice that you are going to have to make in Call of Dragons is the faction that you are going to start with. Each of those faction have their own unique starting hero, units and faction buffs. Your first faction will have a great impact on your early game so it’s important to choose the one that give you the most benefits early on.  

Here is where I introduce you to the best faction to start with. League of Order has by far the best faction buff and also the best starting hero someone can hope to obtain early game, 10% gathering speed will make you develop your city on a much faster pace which is really crucial if you want to be in your server’s top alliances. The 2nd reason that makes this bonus so important is the fact that you can’t transfer mana from one account to the other, you may have the question of what is mana exactly? Mana is a resource that you can gather on the map or obtain from mana mining in your city, mana is used for researching technology, training T4 units and alliance donation which makes the gathering of mana at fast pace really important. Heroes also gain exp from gathering on the map, so if you are an active player, you can take advantage of the faction buff and level your heroes faster.  

What makes League of order starting hero so good is the various option you get early game to pair up with him. Waldyr is a epic hero that does a AOE damage making him one of the best if not the best hero to use in PvP and Dragon Trail, for $1 you get the best mage legendary hero to pair up with him. Liliya also does AOE damage making them a deadly duo in PvP and PvE. The f2p option you get is Kregg. Kregg is also a hero that does AOE damage making him a perfect f2p pairing for Waldyr, you can obtain 70 Kregg tokens from doing the road to glory events at the start of the server, and just like that you have a strong legion to use in Dragons Trail and PvP.  

Dragon Trail/ Season Adventure 

Dragon trail is a campaign where you fight against Darklings, in return you receive rewards such as shards, stars, and golden coins that is used to buy stuff in Dragon trail’s shop. The more stages you clear in Dragon Trail, the more treasure you will receive. Loot such as gold and wood will accumulate for up to 24 hours, so remember to claim it in time, there is also a quick loot feature that let you gain 120 minutes worth of collected loot. After every 5 Campaign level you will receive purple hero shards, so make sure to get as far as you can everyday to get ahead.  

Season adventure is a storyline where you keep up with what is happening in the magical land of Tamaris. You want to do these storyline regularly to receive a lot of rewards such as gold keys, gems etc.  

Fog & Map exploration  

Map exploration is a important part of the game, at the start of your journey the map will be covered in fog, and the only way to remove it is by using your scouts. You want to explore the map as quickly as possible to discover caves, villages, camps and wonders that offer a lot of great rewards (hero tokens, gems, troops, technology, and resources) by playing mini-games or dialogues, your dialogue choices will affect the rewards that you will receive in the end. In every zone one region, there will be an observation tower, with this tower you will be able to dispel your region’s fog so try working together with your teammates to find this building as fast as possible!  

City development 

You should focus on what’s needed to get the next Main Hall. Rushing the Main Hall is everyone’s top priority to keep up or get ahead of your alliance members. Rushing to a higher level Main Hall will unlock different buildings, more legion dispatches and more legion capacity for your heroes.  

After every Main Hall you want upgrade your College of Order for extra research buff and your Alliance center for extra helps that will significantly decrease your building time 


Some technology give you the ability to develop your city faster, you should focus on those technologies early into the game to get the best values when pushing power.  



Many of you may be wondering if PvP is worth it for f2p or low spenders, so far the game is extremely f2p friendly in the PvP scene where you can choose to play as rear units instead of going head first into the frontline. This way you don’t get as many casualties and even if you do you get an amount of free healing daily depending on your buildings levels, making it easy to get your troops back on the battlefield without sacrificing anything.  

Tips before going into the PvP side of the game  


Gems is one of 2 most important resources you have it’s also very limited, how you use your gems will improve your account or slow it down.  

If you are f2p you should first get to honorary 3 to get access to buy CP recovery and speed ups, after that you want to spend 5K gems to unlock your second builder, next you should focus on getting to honorary 8 which will cost you 33,800 gems to unlock 2nd research que, you also get to choose a legendary hero which you get 1 daily token from. 

You can also buy every CP and speed ups you can in the honorary shop to make your account’s progression faster  


After upgrading your Main Hall to level 2, you will be able to join alliances. Alliances is the bigger factor if you want to accelerate your account’s progression making it very important for you to join one.  

The benefits you get from joining an alliance are  


Resources are needed to upgrade buildings etc, and the best way to get those resources without buying is by gathering them on the map.  

In this game your heroes get experience by gathering resources on the map so you would want to focus on pairing your gatherers with your epic PvP  heroes early game so you can take advantage of this to get as much levels and talents as possible. Useful tip: don’t forget to use runes or artifacts to gather resources faster.  


You gain experience by defeating Dark creatures and guardians. In a game where experience books is scarce, you will want to use all of your CP on defeating darklings regularly, you also gain other rewards such as resources.  

You can also get experience by defeating guardians, guardians don’t take any CP so you are not going to have to worry about that, after defeating guardians they will drop a rune that will give different type of buffs after you collect them.   

Worth mentioning: If your legion has a Deputy hero, the experience you gain after defeating an npc will be split and half. (Example: NPC gives 1000 exp, after defeating it your commander and deputy will split this experience in half and both will receive 500 exp.)