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Rank: Epic
Race: Human
Map Buffs: Peacekeeping

Faction: League of Order
Unit Buffs: Overall
Team Role: Support

Eliana Skills

Benediction of Aurora

Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1,000 
Attack Range: Far

Grants the Hero’s Legion a Divine Shield that absorbs a large amount of damage (Shield Factor 200) for 5s,while dealing Skill damage once to the target Legion (Damage Factor 100, affected by Legion’s ATK).

Upgrade Preview: 
Shield Factor 200/270/350/420/500
Physical Skill Damage Factor 100/120/140/170/200
Magic Skill Damage Factor 100/120/140/170/200

Purifying Touch

Passive Skill 
The Hero’s Legion deals 7% extra damage to Darklings and Dark Creatures.

Upgrade Preview: 
Damage dealt during Peacekeeping bonus 7%/11%/16%/20%/25%

Leosa’s Brilliance

Passive Skill
Eliana’s Legion takes 10%less normal attack damage.

Upgrade Preview: 
Normal attack damage reduction 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Holy Heart

Passive Skill 
When casting Rage Skills, your Legion gains Shelter. DEF increases by 10% over the next 5s.

Upgrade Preview: 
DEF bonus 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Divine Grace

Additional Passive Skill

Grants a Divine Shield to Eliana’s Legion, giving them a 70%chance to receive healing when attacked (Healing Factor 400). This effect can be triggered once every 3s.

Eliana Description

A young peasant girl who awakened the holy sword Aurora. She has been blessed by the Light, and refuses to let her humble origins stand in the way of her devotion. Not even the remotest of places is safe from the coming disaster. And so, young Eliana took up the fallen flag and led the militia to cast out darkness. From that moment on, she knew: this would be her duty to the end of her days.

Eliana Talent Tree Build

We will add the Eliana talent tree build after testing.

Eliana Pairings

We will add the Eliana Pairings after testing.

Eliana Artifact

We will add the Eliana Artifact after testing.

Eliana Guide

We will add the Eliana Guide after testing.

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