How to Create a Farm Account in Call of Dragons: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re playing Call of Dragons, you may have heard of the benefits of creating a farm account to collect more resources and speed up your main account’s development. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a farm account and maximize your farming efforts in this popular mobile strategy game.

How to Create your Farm Account

To create a farm account in Call of Dragons, you need to switch accounts. Before creating a new account, follow the steps from the previous method, note down the number of your main account’s server, and the coordinates of where it is located on the map. Then, tap your avatar on the top-left corner, click “Settings,” then “Account,” and tap “Switch Accounts” in the top-right corner. Enter a different email address, or continue with Google or Facebook, and pick any faction.

Once you’ve created your farm account, upgrade it to level 4 and decide whether to pay the 1,500 Gems price and create your own alliance or join the same alliance with both accounts. We recommend joining the same alliance with both accounts, especially if you don’t have much experience leading an alliance.

Transfer Ressources

To transfer resources from your farm account to your main account, you can either use the alliance market or repetitive attacks/raiding with your main account. We recommend using the alliance market method, which is the best “friendly” method of getting resources from your farm accounts.

Best tips for increasing your ressources

  • Maximize the Economy Tech tree
    • For your farm account, you should be focusing on researching as much as possible the Economy Tech tree. This is essential for maximizing your resource gathering speed, load capacity, and the overall production of your city.
  • Choose the League of Order Faction
    • The League of Order faction is the best faction for farming, as it gives a 10% Gather Speed bonus, which means you can collect resources faster.
  • Train and use transport units mostly Transport Units — Workhorses
    • Transport units, whether Work-Elk for elves, Workhorses for humans, or Workrhinos for orcs, have the biggest resource load capacity. Since the purpose of the farm account is to gather as many resources as possible, you should focus on training and using these units for gathering. You could train a few other types also if you plan on attacking Darklings, but make sure to prioritize transport units.
      Keep in mind that you should not upgrade their tier level because tier 1 has the biggest Load Capacity. To give you an example, Work-Elk units (tier 1) have a Load Capacity of 20, while Elkriders (tier 2) have a Load Capacity of 7.
  • Recruit and level up Gather talented heroes
    • More gathering amount. Additionally, you should equip your heroes with Artifacts designed for gathering.
  • Do not upgrade the Storehouse
    • To get as many resources as possible from your farm account, you should not upgrade the Storehouse. Otherwise, the resource protection level increases, meaning larger amounts of resources will be stored and protected from raiding, or transfers.
  • Transfer all the unprotected resources
    • Before upgrading your farm accounts buildings, you should transfer all the unprotected resources to your main account. Otherwise, they will be used and those that are protected cannot be transferred.
  • Level up the Alliance Market
    • Alliance Market building gives you the possibility to transfer resources between accounts, but for a cost. Once you unlock this building, you will have a 35% tax at level 1 but can be decreased significantly as you level it up. For instance, at level 11 you have a 25% tax, and 8% at level 25.
  • Rename your farm account properly
    • name it something like “Your username F1” or something similar for easy recognition. This will avoid potentially having your farm account raided.
  • Level up the resource production buildings
    • The higher the ressources buildings are, the more resources you will get from them.


In summary, creating a farm account in Call of Dragons can help you collect more resources and speed up your main account’s development. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can maximize your farming efforts and grow your empire in the game.

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