Experience Epic Battles with Call of Dragons, the New Lillith Game

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The highly-anticipated Call of Dragons mobile game has officially been released by Farlight Games and Legou Games. Available on both PC and mobile platforms, this MMOSLG game is packed with exciting features that will keep players engaged for hours.

With a fantastical setting and real-time battles, players can engage in PvP battles with up to 40 other players. The game features a unique mix of classic base-building, RTS, and town-building vibes combined with MOBA-inspired aesthetics and multiplayer features.

Players can tame wild beasts to fight alongside them in epic battles, including the formidable Giant Bear behemoth. You’ll need to utilize all of the skills you obtain to take down this grizzly goliath.

Once registered, players can take control of three different factions, including orcs, dragons, and elves, and explore the world of Tamaris. The game also includes player-versus-environment content, such as raid bosses, as well as open field PvP fights versus other real enemy players.

In addition to battling other players, forming alliances is a key component of the game. Players can battle other alliances to gain the top rank on their realm of Call of Dragons.


Call of Dragons is available on Android and iOS devices since 28th March 2023. If you’re looking for a thrilling new mobile game with immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, Call of Dragons is the game for you. Check out the gameplay trailer for a sneak peek at what’s in store.

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