Call of Dragons Guide for Beginners: How to Increase Your Power and Progression

Looking for ways to increase your power in Call of Dragons as a beginner? Check out our guide for tips on gathering resources, upgrading technology, heroes, buildings, troops, and artifacts, as well as avoiding mistakes and completing events. Learn how to farm gems, spend Command Power, and join the Whale Alliance to speed up your progression and power. Start playing smarter and more efficiently today!

Call of Dragons Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Faction

call of dragons dragons flying

Are you new to the game of Call of Dragons or have been playing for a while but unsure if you have selected the right faction? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will give you insights on the best factions to pick based on your gaming goals and progress. The Best Faction for […]

Play Call of Dragons on PC right now

Call of dragons beginner guide

Call Of Dragons to the date is only available on android devices furthermore there is a way to play it on PC. There are a lot of advantages on PC like higher FPS and better controls.


Hero Guide for the Call of Dragons Hero Kregg – get the best talents and pairings


Call fo Dragons World map with factions

Each faction has their own unique buildings design, starting heroes, special units, and also have their own buff. These factions have also their own unique story and inhabitants, and yes, each factions have different races residing in it!