Behemoths are bosses in the game that you and your allies can fight together to receive rewards and control the behemoth itself. There are in total 6 behemoths and each one of them opens up at a certain time in the server you are in, teamwork is essential in taking down a behemoth as they are incredibly tanky and powerful with their own unique set of skills, so be sure to come up with a plan and follow your leader’s orders to make it easier for yourself. After taking control of the behemoth’s den, your alliance leaders have the option to summon these epic beasts to fight alongside you in the open field. They can also upgrade their Skills to further improve the behemoths.

call of dragons behemoth

Behemoths Technology

After capturing a Behemoth you get access to behemoth tech, you are going to be using gems or mana to donate to the tech tree. What the tech tree does is improve ALL your behemoth’s stats such as damage, health and cooldown, make sure to regularly donate to this tech in exchange of rewards and a superior behemoth when going against your enemies.

call of dragons guide behemoth


  1. To take down behemoths easily you need to make sure to read their abilities to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Always have tanks keeping the behemoth occupied while your range units do the damage, and have your ranged units as far as possible to dodge incoming attacks faster.
  2. Use runes
  3. Use your attack and defense items
  4. Communication
  5. Correct artifacts