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Events are the easiest way to earn valuable items in Call of Dragons. They last for one day or even a whole week. Most events will appear again after different periods, so there will be fun events for everyone in Tamaris.

Server Events

These events have different timings for each Server and are mostly timed on the server age.

Event NameEvent Description
Road to GloryA series of small daily missions at the starting of the game. 
Lot of rewards, Kregg Token and Speedups.
Throne of Power7 day “Power Up Event” on the start of every Server. 
Power up to 1.5 million power to get full rewards.
Heading the Call5 day Alliance Event on the start of every Server.
Get more rewards, the more members you got inside your Alliance. 
If you reach 60 members within the first 5 days, you will get 5000 gems and 10 goldkeys in total
Eliana’s CrisisDuring the event, you will drop Ceremonial Mask, which contrains valuable items and 
Abandoned Puppets, from every Dark Creatures and Dark Partrols. 

After the event is finished you can summon the puppets and rally it. 
You will get extra rewards, like Kella Hero Tokens and Speed Ups.
Strongest Lord EventA 6 day competion between all players on your server to compete for diffrent Hero Tokens. A indept guide you will find here

Global Events

These events are global and have the same timing for every server in Call of Dragons.

 Event NameEvent Description
 CommunityFollow the community of Call of Dragons for a reward of 200 gems.
 Lucky SpinGet Hero Tokens for exclusive Heros only availabe on the wheel. Take a deep look here