The Call of Dragons Tier List provides an overview of the best heroes in the game, which is crucial for players who want to invest their time and resources efficiently. With various heroes to choose from, each with unique in-game roles, it is important to select the most powerful ones for the best returns. The tier system categorizes heroes as S+, S, A, B, C, or D, based on their power and meta, and there are different factors to consider when choosing a hero, such as the player’s in-game progression, goal, and player status (free-to-play or pay-to-win).

The game is relatively new, and developers will continue to optimize the game with updates, which means that hero ratings, power, and meta will constantly change. Therefore, players need to keep themselves updated with the changes to maximize their gameplay.

Among the best heroes in the game are Hosk, who deals a good amount of counterattack damage, has legion capacity, and bonus damage. Liliya is also an excellent hero, especially for mage units, with powerful nuking capability, and Nika, who is a legendary infantry hero that helps with leveling other infantry heroes with peacekeeping talent and skills. Madeline is currently the best infantry hero that can absorb damage, deal counter damage, and bring in more units, making her ideal for PVE content.

However, not all heroes are worth investing in, as some lose value over time or have limited use in certain areas of the game. Garwood, for example, is only useful for PVE and tanking Behemoth, while others are pay-to-win heroes, which means that players need to purchase bundles to obtain them.

In summary, the Call of Dragons Tier List provides players with the necessary information to choose the best heroes to invest in for optimal gameplay, considering various factors such as player status, in-game progression, and goal. It is also important to keep oneself updated with changes in the game to maximize gameplay efficiency. Tierlist

Hosk is considered one of the most powerful heroes in Call of Dragons due to his ability to deal counterattack damage, boost legion capacity, and provide bonus damage. His stats allow him to complement almost any hero and unit type in the game. However, acquiring Hosk requires purchasing bundles, making him a pay-to-win hero. Players who invest significantly in the game should prioritize obtaining Hosk to dominate their opponents.

Liliya is an excellent hero for players who use mage units due to her nuking capability, especially her powerful first skill. Unfortunately, she is also a pay-to-win hero that players can only acquire by purchasing packs from the VIP shop. Players who can purchase packs should focus on obtaining Liliya with skill level 5111, as she performs better than most epic heroes.

Nika is a legendary infantry hero that performs well early on with her peacekeeping talent and skills. However, as new infantry heroes are added to the game, she will lose her value over time. Free-to-play players should avoid investing in Nika and instead save their hero tokens for tier A and S heroes.

Madeline is currently the best infantry hero in Call of Dragons, with her ability to absorb damage, deal counter damage, and bring in more units. She performs exceptionally well in PVE content, making her a valuable asset for players, regardless of whether they are free-to-play or pay-to-win.

Garwood is a strong infantry hero that is useful for PVE and tanking Behemoth, but he is not recommended for most players, especially free-to-play ones. There are better infantry heroes available for PVP, and players should avoid investing tokens in Garwood unless they plan to use him for alliance PVE content.

Emrys is an excellent cavalry commander that excels in hunting and destroying ranged units like mages and archers. His high nuking damage and Watcher’s Blade skill make him a popular choice for players who enjoy hunting AFK enemy troops.

Indis is not a strong hero, especially in PVP. While she is a free hero, players should seek out better options if possible.

Theia is an excellent hero for players who use flying units, providing decent damage and impressive survivability when fighting enemy troops. Her expertise allows her to place two shields on nearby units, making her a valuable asset for players who invest in her.

Bakshi is a powerful cavalry commander with good nuking skills and high survivability. His peacekeeping skills make him useful for early content and new seasons, making him a valuable investment for players.

Gwanwyn is the best epic hero in the game, with excellent damage output and easy leveling at the start of the season. Most players use her, making her a valuable asset for players who acquire her.

Waldyr is the strongest epic hero for mage units, with skills that deal AOE damage, increase his damage output, and improve his sustain. Free-to-play players should prioritize maxing out Waldyr, as he is useful in the early game and throughout the game.

Alistair is a decent cavalry hero, but he underperforms compared to other cavalry heroes. Players should only use Alistair if they do not have any other cavalry hero options available.