Call Of Dragons to the date is only available on android devices furthermore there is a way to play it on PC. There are a lot of advantages on PC like higher FPS and better controls.

Here you will learn all how to play Call Of Dragons on PC and Mac. At the moment the game is just playable in some countries, but will be available later this year all over the world.

To play Call Of Dragons on your PC, you need to download an android emulator called Bluestack. Bluestack is the fastet and best android emultor for both PC and Mac. In addition its free to use. The great use of Bluestacks also allow you to play main and farm accounts on the same PC.

Download Call Of Dragons for PC

Firstly, you have to download the emulator. You can search for Bluestack on google or you can directly use the button down below to get to their website. Once you are on the official Bluestacks page you can start downloading the emulator.


Install Call Of Dragons on PC 

Once you download the emulator now you have to install Call Of Dragons inside the emulator in order to play it on a PC. Just search it in the Google Playstore and hit install.

Connect Call of Dragons with your mobile account

You go to game settings on mobile devices and connect your game account with mail or social media accounts on your mobile phone. After that, you can go to the PC version of Call Of Dragons and login inside the game using the account that you have linked on your mobile device. Now your progress is saved, both on PC and mobile.

Can I play Call Of Dragons on PC?

Yes, you can play Call Of Dragons on PC by downloading an emulator. 

Is it safe to use Bluestacks emulators on a pc?

Downloading and using Bluestacks Emulator is completely safe.

Can I transfer my progress in Call Of Dragons from my mobile device to my PC?

Yes, you can. You have to link your Call Of Dragons mobile account to a mail or social media account and with them, you have to login into the PC version of the game. 

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