Farlight Games, which released the gatcha RPG game Dislyte, advertise its next big project. The mobile real-time strategy game Call of Dragons. It’s developed by the well-kown Legou, which created the successful strategy game Rise of Kingdoms.

Pre-registration is open via the official website.

Call of Dragons seems to be a MMO based game, where you control orcs, dragons or elfs on a huge map. You get control over 3 diffrent factions, many legend and you own city. Besides Player-versus-Environment Content, like raidbosses, features open field pvp fight versus other real enemy players. So you can fight directly with your troops on the map.

The game Call of Dragons is setted in the fantasy world, where you can taim dragons and explore the world of Tamaris.

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A big feature of this genre is to form alliances and battle other alliance to get the top rank on your realm of Call of Dragons.

Call of Dragons is in development for Android and iOS devices. Its global launch is scheduled for 2022. We will inform you soon when the game release.

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