Race: Tavrosi
Map Buffs: Rally

Faction: Wilderburg
Unit Buffs: Overall
Team Role: Precision

Hosk Skills

No Quarter

Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1,000 
Attack Range: Far

The Hero’s Legion gain Keen, Vigor, and Rampage, increasing their ATK by 10%, their HP by 10%, and their damage dealt by 10% for 5s.

Upgrade Preview: 
HP bonus 10%/12%/14%/16%/20%
Physical ATK bonus 10%/12%/14%/16%/20%
Damage dealt bonus 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

A Dream of Peace

Passive Skill 
When launching a Rally, Hosk’s normal attacks have a 50% chance to reduce the target’s Physical DEF by 4% for 3s.

Upgrade Preview: 
DEF reduction 4%/6%/8%/11%/15%


Passive Skill
Increases a Legion’s DEF by 10% when Hero is a Commander, and their Normal Attack damage by 15% when Hero is a Deputy 60

Upgrade Preview: 
DEF bonus 10%/13%/16%/20%/25%
Normal attack damage bonus 15%/20%/25%/30%/40%

Plateau Tactics

Passive Skill 
Increases maximum Legion Capacity by 2000.

Upgrade Preview: 
Maximum Legion Capacity bonus 2000/4000/6000/8000/10000

Furious Charge

Additional Passive Skill

After Hosk’s Legion receives a buff effect, their Crit Rate is increased by 6% up to a maximum of 30% for 6s. Can be Awakened once Hero Level reaches 40, and all the Hero’s Skills are upgraded to the maximum level.

Hosk Description

Hosk is a veteran Tavrosi general and the right-hand man of the Tavrosi Overseer, and his reputation among soldiers precedes him. When the Darkling invasion broke out, Hosk, who had already retired due to old age, returned to the battlefield, beginning the second chapter of his legendary life.

Hosk Talent Tree Build

We will add the Hosk talent tree build after testing.

Hosk Pairings

We will add the Hosk Pairings after testing.

Hosk Artifact

We will add the Hosk Artifact after testing.

Hosk Guide

We will add the Hosk Guide after testing.

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